Healthcare IT

MOATiT was started in 2013 to meet the growing IT needs of the medical community of Tri-State are. Over the years, MOATiT has added more products and solutions for your practice. In addition to all of the IT services we offer, we now offer Cloud services, hosting, equipment leasing and hard drive destruction. MOATiT is the only place you need to go for all of your medical IT needs.

Having an IT support staff you can count on is critical, especially in a healthcare environment. Medical practices must be able to maintain a stable network while growing to meet the needs of an ever-changing dynamic industry. Because of our vast industry experience and expertise, MOATiT will assist you with any and all IT needs within your medical practice, from initial system installation to a full range of support options.

Outside of regular business hours? No problem. Just call the MOATiT helpdesk and you will always have someone answer the phone. We will make sure that we find the next available technician to help you with your emergency.

Have you had a security risk assessment? We can help you make sure your mission critical data is secure. Quality cloud and IT support means quality healthcare. It might be cost effective to host your own data or it might be cost effective to have us host it. Depending on the type of data, for example 2D Pano images and 3D imaging or X-Rays we can customize your solutions for you.

Moving to the cloud has become almost the standard in today’s computer industry. But is it really the answer to your problems? That depends on your practice’s specific needs. We have migrated all types of systems from on premises to the cloud and other way around due to growth and cost effective requirements.

In addition to healthcare IT we do provide HIPAA compliance services. This means we can help with the following as well:


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    Started in 2013 MOATiT overtime evolved as a complete technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to making sure every business owner has the most reliable and professional IT service in the Tri-state area proudly serving in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.