MOATiT will provide you with fast, secure and reliable hospitality IT solutions. These integrated hospitality IT solutions will help your team deliver consistent 5-star guest services that lead to positive reviews and increased customer loyalty. Whether Wi-Fi, Phone or TV service MOATiT offers all of it under one service with one point of contact. Most of our clients pay $50 per room per month for all three of our services combined. That is usually half of the room rate for one night stay.

The experience your customers receive directly relates to your ability to be a high performing, profitable hospitality business. The experienced team at MOATiT understand your industry and know what it takes for you to stand out above of your competition, driving revenue, increasing efficiencies and reducing your risk. Discover how we can transform your operations by exploring our various Hospitality IT Solutions.

Hotel Management IT Solutions


As a hotel management company, it is your responsibility to help with the business strategy, development, operations and management of the hotel assets of your customers to maximize the value of their assets and enhance their reputation. A major part of any successful hotel operation is the supporting technology.

Hotel IT Solutions


As a hotel, you have to constantly work hard to remain competitive and protect your revenue, especially in the face of increasingly demanding guests who have more options available to them than ever before and who want an experience and more than just the comfort and convenience of home.

With technology forming such an integral part of your service offering, you need a technology partner who understands the hotel industry, your pain points and your priorities. An IT partner who can deliver the reliable and robust IT solutions that you need in order to succeed, day after day.

VOIP or Traditional Phone Services

Still have analog phone in your rooms?

We can deploy VOIP or Traditional Analog Phone systems and integrate them to world class VOIP system that you will love. Local availability and capability to run without internet service on PSTN lines. From simple 10 room small Airbnb to 1000 room hotel or 10,000 suite campus we can provide the reliability and E911 compliance.

Hospitality ITManaged WiFi Service


New hospitality technologies support efficient operations and stellar guest experiences. Yet, adding IoT solutions or hosting large conferences may strain your existing system. Your tech amenities won’t deliver a high return on investment without a stable and secure wireless network. Therein lies another challenge.

Overseeing your WiFi system is a full-time job. It requires time and financial resources to update infrastructure, replace old equipment, and patch firmware. Unexpected outages and expenses diminish budgets and leave your IT team short-handed. Without oversight, you’re blind to potential threats and out-of-balance loads. One packed convention or rogue access point (AP) puts your reputation risk. Few hotels can afford slow speeds or a total shutdown from a ransomware attack.

Fortunately, managed WiFi providers solve your wireless dilemma with tailored recommendations. Discover how managed WiFi solutions free up resources, improve guest experiences, and ensure smooth operations. Get in touch with us now!

IPTV Service

Offering TV service to your clients?

MOATiT can provide IPTV service to your guests. With our infrastructure in place it will be as smooth as traditional TV service but 1/3rd the cost.

Hotel Data Backup Solutions

Hospitality IT

Is your important data really safe? Do you have backup that is reliable?

Reduce your business risk by guaranteeing the safety of your critical hotel data. You can do this by putting in place a fast, secure and highly resilient backup solution for your hotel. Utilizing leading technology and processes, we will ensure your data remains safe at all times.
MOATiT will tailor your data backup solution to your specific hotel’s requirements, including deployment models that are on premise, collocated, hosted in the cloud or a combination of the three. And with our Managed Backup service comes restore service included. That means at the time of disaster recovery you don’t have to ever worry about bills because we will recover your data for free.

Hotel Virtual IT Director Services

The advice and confidence you need!

With our deep hotel experience, our senior consultants are well placed to assist you with your hotel’s IT strategy, helping to ensure that you are fully utilizing your resources and getting the most out of your technology investment. This is performed at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own internal resource.
With the skills and experience needed to engage at all levels of your business, we will provide your hotel with the best technical strategic advice, ensuring that your technology is always aligned with your hotel’s needs.

Restaurant IT Solutions


As a restaurant in a competitive marketplace, you need to do all that you can to reach more guests, optimize your revenue and deliver a flawless service every time.