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Since 2013, MOATiT has been the cornerstone of IT excellence for medical and dental practices in Idaho, particularly in the thriving communities of Pocatello and Idaho Falls. With a decade of dedicated service, we’ve mastered the art of intertwining technology and healthcare, ensuring not just compliance but a seamless, efficient, and secure operational ecosystem. Our Pocatello medical IT support and Idaho Falls dental IT services are renowned for their precision, reliability, and innovation.

MOATiT isn’t just an IT service provider; we are a partner in your practice’s journey towards technological empowerment. Our in-house HIPAA compliance team automates the intricate layers of compliance, ensuring that while you focus on patient care, we have your IT landscape, from cybersecurity to data management, covered with precision. Our Healthcare IT Solutions are tailored, combining global standards with local insights to offer unmatched value.

Outside of regular business hours? No problem. Just call the MOATiT helpdesk and you will always have someone answer the phone. We will make sure that we find the next available technician to help you with your emergency.Healthcare IT

Our roots are deeply embedded in Idaho, with a particular affinity for the medical and dental communities of Pocatello and Idaho Falls. Every solution, from hardware acquisition and network deployment to AI-based business development, is tailored, considering the local nuances, regulatory landscape, and specific needs of Idaho’s healthcare sector. Our Southeast Idaho HIPAA compliance services are a testament to our commitment to quality, security, and excellence.

“Our medical practice transformed with MOATiT’s support. Compliance, security, and efficiency are now our strengths.” – Dr. Smith, Pocatello

“MOATiT’s expertise in dental IT support is unparalleled in Idaho Falls. They are our technology partners in the true sense.” – Dr. Johnson, Idaho Falls

Have you had a security risk assessment? We can help you make sure your mission critical data is secure. Quality cloud and IT support means quality healthcare. It might be cost effective to host your own data or it might be cost effective to have us host it. Depending on the type of data, for example 2D Pano images and 3D imaging or X-Rays we can customize your solutions for you.

Moving to the cloud has become almost the standard in today’s computer industry. But is it really the answer to your problems? That depends on your practice’s specific needs. We have migrated all types of systems from on premises to the cloud and other way around due to growth and long term budgetary requirements.

In addition to healthcare IT we do provide HIPAA compliance services. This means we can help with the following as well:

MOATiT’s journey over the past decade has been about evolution, innovation, and mastery in healthcare IT. Our full-cycle IT services are a blend of technology, expertise, and local insights, ensuring that medical and dental practices in Idaho are not just technologically equipped but are ahead of the curve. Our Medical Practice Technology Services are designed to empower healthcare providers, ensuring every patient interaction is supported by robust, secure, and efficient IT infrastructure.

As we step into our second decade of service, MOATiT’s commitment to Idaho’s healthcare community is unwavering. In Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and beyond, we are not just offering IT services; we are weaving technological excellence into the fabric of healthcare, ensuring that every patient interaction is supported by a robust, secure, and efficient IT ecosystem. Our Healthcare IT Solutions are a blend of innovation, expertise, and local insights, making us the preferred choice for healthcare providers across Southeast Idaho.”


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    Started in 2013 MOATiT overtime evolved as a complete technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to making sure every business owner has the most reliable and professional IT services in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

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