Empowering Idaho’s Healthcare: Secure & Efficient IT Solutions for Medical & Dental Practices in Idaho

MOATiT: Your Trusted Partner in Healthcare Technology

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Since 2013, MOATiT has been the leading IT support provider for medical and dental practices in Idaho, specifically catering to the vibrant communities of Pocatello and Idaho Falls. We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals, and our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating technology into your practice, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and unwavering security.

More Than Just IT Support, We Are Your Technology Partner!

Running a medical or dental practice is demanding enough. Juggling patient care, administrative tasks, and the ever-evolving world of technology shouldn’t be an additional burden. At MOATiT, we understand the unique challenges healthcare professionals face. We go beyond simply providing IT support, we become your trusted technology partner, seamlessly integrating technology into your practice for optimal efficiency, security, and compliance.

Healthcare IT

HIPAA Compliance Made Easy:- Navigating the complexities of HIPAA compliance can be overwhelming. Let MOATiT take the weight off your shoulders. Our dedicated team automates intricate compliance processes, allowing you to focus on patient care while we safeguard your IT infrastructure, from cybersecurity to data management.

Tailored Healthcare IT Solutions:- One-size-fits-all IT solutions simply don’t work in healthcare. At MOATiT, we understand the unique needs of medical and dental practices in Idaho. We combine global best practices with local insights to deliver unmatched value, ensuring your IT ecosystem aligns with Idaho’s specific healthcare landscape.

24/7 Support:- Emergencies don’t follow business hours. Your patients deserve uninterrupted care, and your IT systems need to be reliable 24/7. That’s why MOATiT offers around-the-clock support. Our helpdesk is always available, with a dedicated technician ready to assist you, ensuring minimal downtime and a seamless patient experience.

Unparalleled Security & Compliance

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Certified HIPAA Experts:- Data security is paramount in healthcare. At MOATiT, we prioritize your data security, ensuring unwavering compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our comprehensive strategies and reporting systems minimize your workload while maximizing protection, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what matters most- patient care.

Customized Compliance Solutions:- Compliance shouldn’t be a one-time effort. At MOATiT, we understand that every practice is unique. We provide customized documentation and deploy reporting tools tailored to your specific practice needs, ensuring ongoing compliance and reducing administrative burdens.

Deeply Rooted in Idaho’s Healthcare Community

Local Expertise:- Idaho’s healthcare sector has its own nuances and regulatory landscape. At MOATiT, we possess deep local expertise. Every solution, from hardware acquisition to AI-driven business development, is meticulously crafted considering the specific needs of medical and dental practices in Idaho.

Southeast Idaho’s Trusted HIPAA Partner:- Our proven track record in Pocatello and Idaho Falls demonstrates our unwavering commitment to quality, security, and excellence. We are the trusted HIPAA partner for healthcare providers across Southeast Idaho, ensuring your practice operates with the highest level of compliance and security.


Our medical practice transformed with MOATiT’s support. Compliance, security, and efficiency are now our strengths.-Medical Practice Owner, Pocatello.

MOATiT’s understanding of HIPAA compliance has been invaluable in streamlining our processes and reducing administrative burdens. We can now focus on providing exceptional patient care with the peace of mind that our IT infrastructure is secure.” –Practice Manager, Pocatello Wellness Clinic.

MOATiT’s IT solutions have helped us optimize our workflow and improve communication within our practice. Their expertise has allowed us to focus on growth and expansion without worrying about technology hiccups.” –Practice Manager, Twin Falls Dental Group.

MOATiT’s expertise in dental IT support is unparalleled in Idaho Falls. They are our true technology partners.” –Dentist, Idaho Falls.

As a physical therapy practice, reliable IT is crucial for managing patient appointments and progress notes. MOATiT’s customized solutions have ensured our systems run smoothly, allowing us to provide uninterrupted care.” –Physical Therapist, Coeur d’Alene.

MOATiT’s cloud-based solutions have been a game-changer for our mental health practice. We can now access patient records securely from anywhere, making it easier to collaborate with colleagues and provide remote care.” –Therapist, Sandpoint.



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Started in 2013 MOATiT overtime evolved as a complete technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to making sure every business owner has the most reliable and professional IT services in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.